• Louis L'Amour once said he could write while sitting in the middle of the freeway. That didn't impress me at the time, but now it does.
  • Not one, but two dogs threw up behind me as I wrote. Was that a commentary on my writing? Wouldn't be the first time.
  • As I told these guys in the job interview, “If you're wondering where I expect to be in 5-10 years, I'll be making a living as a writer. Until then, I'll be a fantastic 'technical business analyst' for your company!” But they never did ask that question, or any of those typical, stupid, laboratory-derived interview questions.
  • The weird part is that I've always had this vague worry that what I write will come true. And then, I write a story about a guy getting fired, and guess what, I get fired in real life. I don't see my wife having an affair, though. And if she did, I really don't see her videotaping it. 🙂 Of course, my previous story involved a guy who wins the lottery and runs for president, and that hasn't happened yet.
  • So now I'm writing books and doing this (tweeting). Getting my “brand” out there online, but I'm already getting sick of me. Self-promotion is not healthy.
  • Publishers and gurus preach that writers need followers. The problem is that healthy people don't WANT followers they want friends.
  • Why do all authors' official back sleeve portraits ALWAYS have them with their hand under their chin? Do like Madonna and strike a (new) pose.
  • Writers are often those who would otherwise be left out of the conversation. The only way they can get a word in is to write it down.
  • A bit of advice to myself (and any other writers out there): Once you've laid the groundwork of your story, come up with the main characters, basic premise, and rough outline, at some point you have to just let the story itself tell the story. You, the writer, are just the narrator. Try not to get in the way.:)
  • So much about writing novels, I've found, comes down to respect. Respect for the reader and their precious time. Respect for the authenticity and believability of the characters I'm creating. And most importantly, respect for reality; asking myself “how would this play out in real life?” Luckily, there are millions of ways something might play out, but it still has to fall within that realm.
  • Donald Trump's candidacy reminds me of my novel Lottery President (Kindle/paperback).Hopefully for his sake, it won't end the same.
    Here's one of my brothers reading it. He seems to be enjoying himself. I swear I didn't pay him to do this. 🙂
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