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I know I responded to this last night, but this below was still in my "drafts" folder, so here it is= again.

She can probably just create a WordPress site on, free of charge.= = has there.= can have something like, or whatever.= WordPress has plug-ins for adding ads to your site, or just create a Google Ads account= (they create the code for you), and you copy and paste it onto your website wherever you want.= On my own site, I do my own PHP programming and MySQL database stuff= because I'm obsessive compulsive, I guess, trying to make it work, and I want complete control.= If I want to be controversial, no one can pull the plug (other than my hosting service).= I also like to keep my IT skills relevant and up to date.= It's a lot of work, though, and WordPress,,, dreamhost, and make it a lot easier.=

has=, which is simple but attractive, though I don't know which system/host she uses.= = You can use her "contact" page to contact her.

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Subject: web site for


is going to start courses in the nutrition field and wants to get a web site with at least these things on it:

Blogging, posting articles by her, getting money by monetizing ads, have a for where people would fill it in for consultations with her, and maybe some more.

I asked and he referred me to you.

Her email is


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