[Niece] has through Godaddy. She wants to transfer it to WordPress because they help you set up a web site. A monthly fee can be paid for the domain name but after a year she will have to pay for the domain name and she's not sure how much that will cost.

She's wondering if she ought to cancel that domain and start with a new domain name through WordPress.

She could also get, which is free but it doesn't look professional and this is to be a business that doesn't look as though it's just a blog.

Do you know of a cheaper/better alternative?


She can use that domain name and assign it (transfer it) to whatever she has setup on For instance, start with that domain name, then apply her own domain name ( purchased through GoDaddy) to it. Or, just keep it on GoDaddy and use GoDaddy's WordPress setup process, which might be even easier. Either way works.

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