I've kind of tried to put together what the New World Order battle is really between. I came up with this this evening:

  • Hitler was a fascist. He was promoted by the US banksters and US corporations.
  • In March of 1908, after years of difficult conditions and failure, geologist George Bernard Reynolds discovered oil in Persia (modern-day Iran).
  • A year later, an oil company in the UK, Burmah Oil, created a subsidiary company to develop oil production in Persia, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC), which started volume production of oil by 1913.
  • It is quite likely that the Rothschilds saw the value of oil in the Middle East and it was something they wanted.
  • Russia was and is still mostly Christian.
  • The Khazars and Russia were against one another for centuries and Christianity gives the Russians inner strength that the atheist Zionists don't like.
  • The Zionists replaced Czarist rule of Russia with communism, likely to destroy it.
  • In 1917 the Rothschilds got the British to agree to the Balfour Declaration, giving the Zionists control over Palestine.
  • Hitler worked with the Zionists to get people into Palestine through the Transfer Agreement.
  • The CIA came from Hitler's government.
  • The CIA goes into countries and ruins them with drugs and communism so they can steal the country's assets. (Kind of what they're doing in the USA, too.)
  • With the control of oil, the Zionists seem to want to take over the whole world and with the Rothschild money, they can and do buy "leaders" of countries to do it.

The battle boils down to Christians vs atheists/Satanists. Any comments? Am I missing anything in particular?

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