Someone on Twitter gave a long list of what Trump has accomplished while in office. I appreciate that because I keep forgetting what he's good for, exactly. Anyway, I took his list and removed what probably would have happened without Trump, as well as things I don't consider to be especially good. At least, not how they were done. Here is my edited list, with question marks after the ones I'm still not sure of, and exclamation points after the ones I'm very happy about:

  • historically low unemployment, including every minority demographic?
  • manufacturing returns?
  • no hot wars. Troop drawdowns!!!!!
  • unmasked (indirectly) a media so biased, it is largely considered part of the “Democratic” Party!!
  • created opportunity zones?
  • enacted Right to Try!!!
  • slowed illegal immigration!
  • lowered prescription drug prices!
  • renegotiated bad trade deals to benefit US citizens!
  • convinced allies to pay their dues for US protection
  • withdrew from WHO, a propaganda arm of the Chinese communist party!
  • cracked down on Critical Race Theory in government!!!
  • defended school choice!
  • fought sex-trafficking!!!!!
  • slowed the opioid crisis!

    UPDATE: Trump Administration Accomplishments

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