wowI just skimmed through it but what I saw was that most did something criminal

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I agree with you on this one, as I live in Oakland. Here is an article about the history of our last dozen police chiefs that last about a year each:
In-depth history of Oakland’s police

Victoria Nuland is a total demonic POS puppet of o’bama and his puppeteers, which is likely the zionist fake Semites. Where is the KGB when you need them?

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This American reporter paid with his life to tell the truth about what’s really happening in Ukraine.


More liberal criminality. Yeah, conservatives also do plenty of crime, but it seems that election fraud is a liberal specialty.

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Gomes, I’m guessing of Portuguese from Cabo Verde descent, tells really interesting details about what happened to him when he ran against the democ

goyim TV

I can’t remember who sent me this link.Anyhow, I finally started to look at the videos on it and saw a number on Adam Green, who always talked against the zionists but the videos here talk of him being a shill, besides Alex Jones and Brother Nathaniel. (I haven’t watched them yet to decide if they’re credible)

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time for jail for joe for TREASON.Of course, it’s not on the “news”, which most people count on (ignorance is bliss, as usual)

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Interesting 4 minute video about it. Includes TN.
And this is how CBS news frames the stor

Ivermectin gets rid of parasites.I don’t believe in chiropractors but they work for some people

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This guy is amazing. This talk is packed full of good information.
I’m very interested in getting rid of parasites which apparently everyone has. He says they are the cause o

Here’s the real video:

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Unfortunately, those two video are just previews of the real thing,