Of course, it's all connected. I've been saying that for years.
Don't forget the matter of Russia always being the boogeyman. Most Israelis are Ashkenazi "Jews" from former Khazaria. They were mortal enemies of Russia centuries ago and seem to still see Russia as their nemesis. I wish Russia was the "good guy" but who knows? They are a very strong Christian country, contrary to what the globalists push (Islam, Judaism or outright atheism/satanism)

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 08:30:14 PM PDT:

This podcast explains quite well a major problem that goes against the 1st Amendment. Is there a correlation here? The ONLY person in Congress to oppose the country being locked down at the beginning of the scamdemic was XXX.

The ONLY person in Congress to oppose the anti-1st Amendment speech laws concerning "hate speech" to include any criticism of Israel was XXX

Who is XXX?

Thomas Massie, Republican congressman from Kentucky

Probably every other person in Congress is a Zionist and has an "Israel first" policy, which is treasonous.

Until I watched this latest podcast by An0maly I didn't realize this about Massie. And it made me wonder about this possible correlation above.

In any case, I conclude Zionism is a very serious problem for Americans. It may have something to do with the scamdemic, in fact. The thought never occurred to me until now.

Could the fact the bioweapon shots by Pfizer were amongst the most Nazi-like in their implementation in Israel?

I do believe these dots somehow connect.

What do you think?


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