Email from Peggy Hall:

These stores are now reportedly "allowing" customers in without masks:


Trade Joe's


Not that I care!

I will never give another penny to those tyrants that so blatantly discriminated against millions of people…

And in many cases, these psychopaths called the cops to have LAW-ABIDING citizens arrested… for daring the BREATHE!!

I will NEVER GROVEL and "thank" the slave-drivers for "giving me back" freedom.

No sir, no way, no how.

I have lived and shopped MASK-FREE for over a year.

I shop at Ralphs (Krogers), Von's, Albertsons, Walmart — and farmer's markets.

So, even though I will NEVER give my business to these HORRIBLE stores that have shown themselves to be TRAITORS to freedom-loving Americans, it does give me a great sense of satisfaction that WE ARE WINNING!

And we are NEVER going to stop.


I plan on going to Sprouts and TRAITOR Joes to linger and show off my God-given bare face… and tell them that I am never going to give them another penny, and I will encourage others to do the same.

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