Just wanted to put that out there. Just like anything with “smart” in it, isn't.

Think about all the times you wished you could talk to an actual human instead of a stupid voicemail system, or have seen an automatic sprinkler system running in the rain. Those are just a couple examples.

Now think about everyone and everything in your life being run by such stupidity. That is AI.

AI is nothing new. It is simply computer programming made to, hopefully, be more responsive and predictive. Computers are brilliant when it comes to mathematics, complete idiots when it comes to anything that's not binary, yes or no, black or white, thanks to its entire existence being based on ones and zeroes. Maybe if it was hexadecimal instead of merely binary, it would be smarter? Nah, that'd probably just make it exponentially stupider. Maybe it already is hexadecimal. I don't know. I'm never invited to those meetings. Point being, it remains incredibly stupid, still.

On the bright side (no pun intended), if you're a corporate or government employee, you're used to stupidity raining down on you from above.

Also, “smart” devices… aren't. Again, they simply have some sort of computer programming involved.

I will be adding to this as I find the time.

UPDATE: See also: presearch.org

And now there's this: Alexa AI murder attempt

Another good article here: this-is-why-you-will-always-be-smarter-than-artificial-intelligence

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