The only masks that MIGHT help against Covid — if it even exists, the CDC doesn't have a sample — are the N-95 ones which almost no one wears. The masks most people wear (the only type mandated) only protect you from disapproving stares. “Cases” only indicate people “testing positive” which means they have nothing more than the common cold or flu, most likely, so they have coronavirus antibodies in their system. The common cold is a coronavirus. Some say we ALWAYS have coronavirus in our systems on some level. Covid's alleged one-third of one percent fatality rate does not rise to the level of a "pandemic" or even an epidemic.

I actually read Williamson County's (Tennessee) “mandatory masks” press release. And, it doesn't apply to anyone under 12, anyone at worship services or church activities, or any government employees (unless they're in a location that does specifically and separately mandate that). In other words, it's all bullsh*t and they know it, but we're supposed to be too stupid to see that.

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