He came in like a lion

And went out like a lamb

A loving gentle good-bye

As I held his soft warm hand

His children Greg, Lucy, Steve, Don, Doug, Bill, and I

Were his pride and joy

Loved by all who knew him

Every man, women, girl, and boy

He would sit and watch “his horses”

As they trotted up and back

Most of them Standardbreds

Rescues from the track

Portuguese Pioneers of the Sacramento Area

That was his book

If you haven't read it yet

You really need to look

He loved to play Scrabble

Each and every day

Two or three games with us

He was the best, I must say

A very fine example

Of what a man should be

Always put family needs before his own

Loving man… it's plain to see

He mostly watched sports

Heather and Thomas watched with him

When his team would lose

He would seem a little grim

Tiffany would hang out

Bring his favorite stuff

She cared for him for hours

The loss of him is rough

Matt would talk about history

His mind was still so clear

Being alone would scare him

That was his only fear

As the great-grandkids called him

We doted on “The King”

Dad's whole family sought out the peace

That living on the ranch would bring

The grand and great-grandkids

Were fortunate to know our Dad

As everyone knows here today

That's why we are so sad

Until we meet again, My Rock

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