Today's selection results in Brazil are being called into question. Shades of 2020 have hit again?!! Let's hope the criminals in this scam don't get away with this. FYI, Bolsonaro was questioning the vax, so allegedly "not fit for the job." Puppet he was not, so the globalists decided he must go (election scammed out).

See Watch on BitChute

Australian in Brazil says:

"Not the slightest possibility it was legit, I would not call it an 'election.'

Alexandre de Morais, chief of the Supreme Court, appointed himself chief of the electoral court, and was the one dictator of the entire process. He ordered all media and social media outlets to extreme levels of censorship, blocking and, in some cases, jailing the best journalists. He refused to have auditable counting machines, which are so primitive a school child could hack them. He un-condemned Lula, not on the basis of innocence, but saying the crimes were tried in a state instead of in federal territory. In theory, that would mean another court would have to make the judgment.

Morais has suspended criminal cases against almost all Left politicians; as long as they support his corruption, he won't finish processing theirs.

Lula appointed 9 of the 11 Supreme Court judges. They invent legislation, which capacity does not exist in the Constitution. Morais said he would fine the Federal Police $20,000 per hour if they do not give lists of the thousands of protesting truck drivers to him. He also wanted to fine the police for stopping buses of people going to vote. Police seized about $10 million in bribes for vote rigging from those buses.

The crimes of Lula's conviction 'only' involved a few million $ for himself, but a fortune for Cuba and to install dictators in South American countries.

I think the idea is to have one government for Canada, USA and all of South America.

Hopefully the USA mid-terms will punch a hole in the idea, and the Brazilian military will intervene. The military was ordered by Morais to analyze the voting machines and announce to the public whether they were legit. The military responded with 70 different serious flaws which could compromise election integrity. He ordered them to release their report on last month's election, but they refused, saying it will take another month to make a full report on both elections.

I have studied the Brazilian constitution as part of a university course. I would say it is one of the best in the world. Nothing in it permits anything that is happening. Same madness the world over."

About the video linked herein, Australian says…

"The Bitchute guy was accurate except on one detail. Bolsonaro has not announced he is asking for a military audit of the election. The military is already doing that without him asking. If the military decides it is proven fake, they can legally remove the Supreme Court.

The only way Lula got crowds was to bring them on buses and pay them to come. The similarity to crowd sizes to Biden was a valid comparison."

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