When I get mine I will test it. I heard of the home-made type like you mentioned, but not sure how effective they are.

Since lead is metal and known to block signals (I used to use lead barriers when sound recording years ago), I think an old lead bag will work. I just never spent time to find mine.

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a microwave oven is a Faraday cage. It's anything metal that surrounds your phone. You could put aluminum foil inside a cardboard box and it'd work (from what I've read)

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How can you stop your phone from being tracked?

A Faraday bag is a pouch where you can put your cell phone.

I didn't yet get mine, but I ordered from this American patriot – Jeffrey Prather:


I have also seen them listed for sale by Alex Jones, but the reviews were not good (if I recall).

I also had the idea to get some lead cloth covering which might be what a Faraday bag is made of, and see if that blocks the signal as I suspect. I used to use one for my 35mm film when going through Xray security checks.

Keeping people from tracking your every move could be smart these days.

Faraday Bag Cell Phone – JEFFREY PRATHER
JACKET Cell Phone Faraday Bag 4¡堸 6¡堯ffers 85 dB (400 MHz-4 GHz), Anti-tracking & Anti-spying. High-quality Blocking Material and Quality Precision Stitching allow for Cell Signal, GPS, RFID and WiFi Signal Blocking. See other listings for additional variations and sizes of privacy bags. Fits all major cell phone makes and models as well as majority of latest external hard drives.

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