I guess they didn't call it The Great Depression during that depression, did they? We shouldn't be surprised they're not honestly calling this one Great Depression II. Or, in current parlance, maybe, G-Dep-2. It's “only” The Great Recession. As if those of us out of work (or in my case, “under-employed”) and facing such dire uncertainty really care about semantics?

The main problem for many unemployed is that they're depending on Corporate America to provide a job. Not gonna happen. These days, you have to fend for yourself, create a job/business for yourself. I see happening here what has already happened in Russia after the “collapse” of the Soviet Union. We, like them, are going to have to become a nation of hustlers. It's not a pretty picture, and I'm not advocating it, but it's probably unavoidable. If only we, like them, had leaders strong enough and wise enough to get rid of our own oligarchs. Don't get me started on “leaders.”

Don't depend on bank loans for your new business. Loans at interest are for fools. No offense. I'm still working my way through mortgage and credit card payments, at interest, so I suffer from the same foolishness as most everyone else. Do it the Muslim way – no, I'm not Muslim – and find investors, not blood-sucking bankers. Funny how vampires are so popular these days as we're surrounded by real life blood-suckers.

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