I'm glad you and Cathy are doing well. Our daughter Elizabeth is doing well, too. She spent last night with a cousin north of town so she can attend that little girl's birthday party today. Elizabeth's own birthday party was last month.

I'm “sort of” employed, working for myself doing computer consulting fixing people's computer problems, setting up new systems, etc. Amy has been a great customer, actually. I enjoy consulting. I never was the “corporate” sort. I haven't been making nearly as much money, though, as I was when working for old “gravy train” [***** *****]. I've never gone this long without a regular job. Or, at least, I've never gone this long trying and failing to find a “permanent” job.

I go on these interviews, things seem to go well, then they never call me back (except for that one time when I was literally the second best candidate). Actually, half the time, it doesn't go all that well. I can tell they really want someone with XYZ software experience (which I've probably worked with, but not extensively). And, in this hiring-manager's “buyer's market” with so many IT people out of work, they know they can get that exact, perfect fit employee. That, plus I'm convinced there is rampant age discrimination out there. Everyone wants a gung-ho 20-something guy or girl who will ask “how high” when they say jump. Then I come in, nice and calm and experienced, but probably as old or older than they are, and they're just not comfortable hiring me, like they're afraid they wouldn't know how to manage me, or something. I'm just guessing.

I'm probably lucky Te*** hired me five years ago. Corporate hiring-managers around here never have liked me, generally. I'm not “corporate” and I'm not a good ol' boy. I seriously doubt Da*** or Ch** would've have hired me on their own. Maybe I'm lucky to have gotten a good four years of steady employment when I did, but it was bad for me in a way because working for someone else made me a little bit lazy, too dependent on others. It dulled my ability to think on my feet.

I got complacent sitting behind that desk just answering the phone.

Also, if I had just kept on doing the freelance consulting like I was before (and now again), my business (computersavior.com) would have been more firmly established by now. Then again, Tara and I probably never would have adopted Elizabeth, because of the unreliable income that goes with consulting.

Anyway… like I said, I like working for myself. I'm the best boss I've ever had. 🙂

I just need a more steady stream of customers. If you ever have any computer problems, I can help you remotely. Da*** pretended to want to use my services several months ago, then he never called. I think he was just afraid I was a disgruntled former employee who might go on a shooting spree, and he wanted to make sure he was on my good side, so he pretended to be a prospective customer.

Well, that turned into a book, didn't it? I guess I had a lot to say (for me, anyway). We can stay in touch through Facebook, maybe. Check out my other websites sometime, in case you want to contribute an article or comment.

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