We're in Moscow.Bill already summarized our trip here. I do believe that I am fully initiated into the sisterhood of Mothers. I have changed an exploding poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom, with turbulence! I'll spare you all the details, but let's just say, I will be burning our clothes from that trip. Internet access is very expensive in Moscow ($20.00 an hour!), so our updates will be less frequent. In Astrakhan, it was free. Our trip to the doctor went pretty well. She weighs 26-1/2 pounds and is 35-1/2 inches tall. He did confirm that she has an allergy, probably to food. He told us to keep her away from citrus, chocolate and nuts. He told us to use Benedryl cream for the rash that keeps breaking out on her. The first thing we will do when we return is get her tested for allergies. The doctor said that he thought the worst problem we will have is keeping the boys away from her. He told Bill to buy a shotgun! 🙂 So, hopefully we will only have a couple more days. More later!!!

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