Elizabeth (a.k.a. “Masha”) was much happier today. We were told that the orphanage caretakers probably were not telling her that we would be “taking her away,” but who knows? She let me “fly” her around the room again, which made her laugh. We played piano. Yesterday, she wanted up on my lap to play piano, but she batted my hand away so that only she was playing. Today, we did a duet.

One very good sign was that we're told she asked where her mama was before leaving her room. By the time she met us in the music room, however, she was shy again at first. But then she got into Tara's makeup purse and put it on. At 2½ she already knows which makeup goes where.

She put Tara's sunglasses on and someone told her that she would have many boyfriends in America because she is so pretty. Then she found Tara's cell phone and obviously knew how to use it. So, she “called” Vika on the phone, and they spoke.

Then she got back onto the three-wheeler. I pushed her all over the place while she drove and talked on the phone. Just like an American girl!

She barely colored anything today, and has not been especially interested in music lately except for the piano.

Anyway, today was great! Of course, she's two, so who knows how she'll be next time, Monday.

UPDATE: Recently discovered this map showing the entrance of the orphanage on yandex.ru

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