I see on Ladd's website she's affiliated with the supposed Lemurians in

Mt. Shasta. However, Mt. Shasta is the deepest of the deep state

according to whistleblowers like Cathy O'Brien. So I guess it's no

coincidence that she's promoting the new normal as a good thing.

On 3/26/21 3:46 PM


But she's also promoting the idea that life will never go back to

normal, be OK with the new normal. "There's nothing wrong with what's

happening now … this is the natural process of evolution."

On 3/26/21 3:14 PM:

I think this is an excellent message:



Why Do We Have To Go Through This? ❤️🌎


Friday, March 26, 2021 1:08 PM



Here's the latest Sean David Morton interview from Camelot. I was

able to download it to mp3 with youtube-dl with this command

youtube-dl –extract-audio –audio-format mp3


I know there's a youtube-dl for Windows, so maybe that command will

work for the Windows version as well.

It's very interesting. He talks about the farce of the court system,

the farce of the Sovereign Citizen movement, his life in prison and

the Aryan Brotherhood, as well as rumors about Einstein's Theory of

Relativity and his source at Area 51, Ted Humphrey. He thinks Trump

is still the Commander in Chief and that Biden is the CEO of the US

Corporation. He also argues with Kerry about the validity of Q and

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