The covid crisis provides the opportunity for many people to signal their virtuousness to the world. You'll see them walking or driving down the street, alone, with a mask up over their nose. And of course, many businesses are more "covid conscious" than others, employing guards at the entrance to enforce a strict masks-only policy. So with these factors in mind, and in an effort to provide more opportunity for virtue signaling for the many who need it, I propose the following DMDP (disposable mask disposal policy):

  • Drive to the most covid-conscious business in town and park in their lot.
  • Then take your old mask and drop it on the ground under your car, so as not to be misunderstood as a common litterbug. You may think this bad conduct, but if so, you miss the point.
  • Some time after you leave, somebody will see that mask and pick it up. They may even make a display of it so as to signal their virtuousness to others.
  • Feeling better about themselves, their the immune system will improve, as self-esteem is tied to the will to live.
  • Now, with health improved, they can go get their experimental gene therapy "vaccine" and have a fighting chance of surviving it! And just think of the collective health benefit of hundreds of old masks littering every Whole Foods and Trader Joe's parking lot!

    Do the right thing. Practice proper mask disposal!

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