We're going to attempt to ride the Metro subway to Red Square today. Wish us luck. The exits aren't numbered, they are listed by name … in Cyrillic. Of course, the overhead announcements are in Russian. One helpful thing is that the announcements are in a male voice if you're going toward the center of town, and in a female voice heading outward. Hopefully I'll figure it out.

Then again, with Tara now sick, we might not go at all. We've got to do something to kill the time, though.

UPDATE: I went ahead and took the Metro down to Red Square myself today. We wanted me to go through the process once myself alone before trying it with a 2-year-old in tow. It ended up being no big deal, though it was fun just to think I could now say I've ridden Moscow's Metro. I walked through Red Square and took video of St. Basil's and all that just in case Tara can't join me again tomorrow. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so that'll make for more interesting video. Anyway, we'll probably do it all over again tomorrow. I went ahead and got lost in the underground mall on the way back, so I've gotten that out of the way. 🙂

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