"To what do they attribute the higher mortality in migrant neighborhoods? Nutrition?

The 93 page scientific report by a combination of several German universities showed clearly that the total of deaths involving “influenza like illnesses” in Germany this year are 20% LESS than last year.

You see the same right now on the Portuguese DGS (Department of Health) website. The site claims:

  • a) 1500 deaths this year
  • b) Covid-19 is 39 times worse than the flu
  • c) 3300 deaths last year
  • d) 3700 in 2017

    They are still under orders from Something to scare people, when they do not have the numbers to prove it.

    Suddenly in Germany, they find that 1500 people in the Tönnies meat works tested positive. The mayor is angry, as he has no idea who is in town and who should be in town. Everyone in Germany is normally a good citizen, and registers their address at the Volkswohungammeldungsamt (address registry office). The immigrants at such places are paid far less than legal, and live as a crowd in small apartments. But Tönnies didn't aren't responsible for that. They use subcontractors to send their workers, and those subcontract from other subcontractors, so the company does not have a payroll.

    What I haven't found out yet is if they just tested positive, or were actually sick.

    In some cases it is easy to work out why some groups have more deaths.

    Medical workers are potentially exposed the whole day, so need high class protection. But China bought bought back protective equipment from most countries in January, just before exporting 170,000 people from Wuhan. Medical workers are the hardest hit.

    New York, a lot more poor and black people died. This was mass murder. The poor person arrives with difficulty breathing from FEAR. They have no money, and they test negative for Covid-19 three times. The hospital gets $29,000 to throw them on a pulmonary ventilator which kills them.

    States in Brazil where the governor is not controlled by the CCP diagnose the SARS-COV2 virus as basically a blood disease, and have very few deaths.

    States in Brazil where the governor is under CCP orders to treat it as a lung disease have many deaths. The São Paulo governs welcomes a trial of 9000 “volunteers” to test the new "vaccine"." To be tested on the Chinese army and Brazilians."

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