Sudden kidney failure, RemDEATHavir, and hidden signals

HEALTH EMERGENCY (a real one) — is MA DOH incompetent or corrupt?


The graph blow shows age groups for N17.9 'Acute renal failure.' The year 2022 in these graphs is only 7.5 months, while other years are the full 12 months. Notice age group 25-44, which already has more in 2022 than any other year and is expect to be 70 by the end of 2022. These are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who were cut down in the prime of life. The loss of these people affect multiple family members for the rest of their lives.

“-///”-Spike Protein Triggers Coronary Plaque Destabilization and Thrombosis:

Why So Many Heart Attacks, Stenting, and Bypass Surgeries Occur after covid-19 Vaccination?

“-///”-Thoughts Before Sleep: Betrayal and covid

How Are They Intersecting

Nothing in the world is worth turning one's back on what one loves.'

“Albert Camus, The Plague

I'm writing while almost asleep, yet not going to bed. An idea that returns and returns, demands my attention, days now, or maybe longer. Just don't want to lose it.

Starts simple, something like this:

The thing about covid, was actually never spoken of”the worst thing.


Designed and planned over decades: It corroded everything it touched, and induced, in the end, its real aim, which was always:


Is it now…a synthetic chemical or peptide that can be mass produced at will?

It's still dawning on me, gossamer layer by gossamer layer.

You were told you owed it to them all.

Vile manipulation! And did you notice, they owed you precisely nothing?

Not a person on this planet will ever owe it to me to take a shot of trendy poison loaded with graphene oxide and 'self assembling' synthetic AI controlled parasites. Just saying.

How narcissistic exactly do you have to be to believe people owe you this form of masochistic and quasi-suicidal self-experiment, and attack?

One more Camus quote:

(Camus believed in infectious diseases evidently but his was a metaphor.)

'This whole thing is not about heroism. It's about decency. It may seem a ridiculous idea, but the only way to fight the plague is with decency.' A character asks Rieux what decency is. Doctor Rieux's response is as clipped as it is eloquent: 'In general, I can't say, but in my case I know that it consists in doing my job.' '

“-///”-What is Mass affirmation psychosis? And what to do about it?

“-///”-Social Credit Scoring through Digital Currency

“-///”-It's time to resist the Great Reset power grab by unelected elites.

They promote lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, net zero emissions and 'digital IDs'.

They want to destroy our democracy, freedom and prosperity, and replace it with their global surveillance state.

But you can fight back.

Like my page to help me RESIST the Great Reset.

Let's push back before it's too late.

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