Okay, control is the ultimate goal, but “they” (these stupid nerds) think transhumanism is so cool. They watch and read sci-fi and think, “Great idea!”, completely missing the “cautionary tale” aspect of what they just read/watched.

It is basically a war between those who enjoy and accept the original Creation (God, the natural world, or whatever you want to call it) versus transhumanists who arrogantly think they know better and can improve upon that. Here's an email I sent to family members:

This is going to sound really "out there," and one or more of you may have already said this, but it finally sank in that this fake "pandemic" — among other "nice" benefits for evil dictators/control freaks — is mainly for the sake of transhumanism. I'm guessing their experiments must have hit a brick wall with coronaviruses ruining the machine parts that they're trying to embed into human bodies.

The mask mandates (which also serve to allow obedient people to virtue-signal their compliance) are a bit of a sideshow, but they get people used to having to wear a mask which they will need to do once they are "vaccinated." These people will be ticking time-bombs.

The "vaccines" are for the purpose of preventing the formation of coronaviruses in the body so that our bodies will accept the transhumanist pieces and parts. Otherwise, the body might reject it like it often does with organ transplants. Okay, this paragraph is not a strong argument. I'm just spit-balling here.

The human body has the immune system to keep it healthy. Transhumanist body parts have nothing to fight off infection.

Crazy, I know, but various “elites” have long ago signed onto this scam for various reasons, thinking they will somehow benefit, but this “plandemic” is basically a war upon viruses — with plenty of side battles — to prepare the human race for transhumanism.

See also plandemic-pt-1-judy-mikovits

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