I really like this guy. I only discovered him recently. He's talking about "auditors" which are people from around the country who take their phone and record in public spaces to test whether police or anyone tries to stop them. They are bold and sometimes get arrested by power tripping cops, but test the limits to ensure their rights are still intact. It's very educational. I don't think I've shared any of these videos before.

Just listen to this short talk and you may appreciate having this type of patriot out there somewhere to preserve all of our freedoms.

Watch on BitChute

We need more people stepping like him in their own way.

I believe this has become my life's purpose since the scamdemic started. Genealogy is no longer of any interest to me. It was fun but waking people up and creating a new civilization based on freedom is far more important and exciting. I've reinvented myself.

If you haven't already figured this out based on what I share, now you know.

Nobody has ever acquiesced their way out of tyranny. Stand up, never comply with fascists. Just say NO.

Educate yourself on what's truly happening. There's no going back to the old normal. The world has changed forever.

Yes I must pay the bills and help create a new and parallel economy, trying to disconnect as much as possible from the slavers.

I met with someone from Folsom who's doing the same through the Freedom Cells network and he mentioned doctors and many types of trades people. But it's still in its infancy.

With so much unknown as the screws tighten, we have to remain flexible. And while I want more to wake up, I continue to run into absolutely lost souls who are completely blind, deaf and dumb (and vaxed) that are currently just a waste of time. For those we can only hope something in their life will jolt them to the core and finally realize their world has forever changed.

Just last night I heard about one of the lockdown and vax pushers in Australia, the former head of 'health" who suffered very bad effects and also her wife (gay couple) even worse and is now speaking out to sound the alarm. While she and her wife will probably soon die and are lost causes, she flipped to the side of truth which is awesome. Just today I also heard NFL superstar Franko Harris who pushed the vax has died suddenly. While he finally woke up after his own death, he served as another example of the scam and will only solidify people's confidence and resolve to not get further or any bioweapon shots.

It's also a mindset to keep high spirits to improve your own surroundings and your own reality.

Most of all I'm having great fun every day.

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