The title of Dr. Vernon Coleman's latest video inspired me to write this today. Find him on Brand New Tube – simply an awesome soul.

The two prior world wars involved older technology and were guns and bombs. This war may morph into that, especially if the globalists who profit from wars get their way. But for now, this is a war on humanity. It is not a war between countries. It's a war to enslave humanity and there are almost countless attacks of all types – psychological, pharmaceutical, food, air, water, and often there are pawns who really do shoot people, i.e. Antifa or Black Lives Matter's useful idiots.

But ask "the man on the street" whether we are at war and I would guess most answers would be a bewildered "no" which make them question the sanity of the person asking. This is because it started off as a psychological war. Almost at the same time it started as a biological attack. Most would assume I mean the dreaded "Covid-19" but that is more of the psychological aspect because it's not even real. They are using the threat that it's real [in order] to cause panic. The panic is spread by the media and has been so incredibly successful that the victims of the panic are lining up to save their lives.

How will they be saving their lives? This is where the biological aspect of the war comes in – the fraudulent "cure" called the "Covid-19 vaccinations" which do nothing for health other than destroy it.

At this point, there will be fear victims who will attack me for what I claim above. This is the genius of the slave masters (or as Dr. Coleman calls them "conspiracy perpetrators") – they turn their victims into comrades in arms who are nothing more than completely duped and useful idiots.

Rather than investigating or even just noticing their rights vanishing before their very eyes, they parrot the scripts handed out to all media by the globalists and try to justify why they are wearing not 1 but often 2 or 3 masks in a false sense of safety from the make believe virus.

They refuse to notice that there are no more deaths from the 2019/2020 or the 2020/2021 flu seasons than in any prior years. They don't grasp that these genius globalists found a way to rebrand the yearly flu into a "pandemic" and call it by their new name "covid-19" (some clever thinkers call it more accurately "covid-1984" in reference to George Orwell's book that foretold what we are experiencing today).

The planning for this war is simply staggering in its complexity. It has been planned for literally decades. So in some respects the war began decades ago – surely by the 1960s when outdated and fraudulent science about our immune systems convinced President JFK to sign the vaccine act to target the health of the population, create the CDC to make people believe the government has your best interests in mind, put fluoride into the water to dumb down the population, and not least, the CIA's mind control techniques were perfected.

The world population became dumb, sick, and brainwashed. Who can't parrot the CDC's propaganda slogan "vaccines are safe and effective" and firmly believe every word they write, no matter how absurd?

Another gem is "we believe in science" or "we follow the science" or "the science is settled" when that fraudulent "science" is created by corporations with an agenda to ultimately enslave us.

Who will win this war? And are you one of the useful idiots who doesn't even know we are at war?

I hope enough people will wake the F— up that humanity wins this war. But right now we (humanity) are losing.

The funny thing about a psychological war is that it can switch to winning simply by realizing we have a war and who our enemies are. Changing the awareness of 1 single person (waking them up) gets another person on the side of humanity. Unless a person wakes up, they are on the wrong side because they are just mindlessly reading the script of their enslavers.

If you think I am being political, that's completely wrong. There is virtually no difference anymore between the Right or Left (Democrats or Republicans). Even Trump's "Make America Great Again (MAGA)" movement went off the rails. I was on that train and anyone who realized we were at war in 2020 was with me. But don't bash yourself because I was just as fooled as everyone about Trump. Sure, he was lightyears better than the stupid idiot pretending to be POTUS (President of the US) now. But as smart people always know, actions speak louder than words and unless you are still suffering from Trump worship, you will see he is pushing the most evil thing probably ever created – his pride and joy "Warp Speed" vaccines that are the final end game of this war to enslave us all. Nothing could be more evil than that. But like other Trump voters, I want to believe Trump is basically a good man and just doesn't know how duped he has become. Perhaps his vanity prevents him from seeing that he went off a cliff and probably millions of his supporters have jumped off with him by taking that poison "vaccine" which is a misnomer because it is actually gene therapy and indeed will alter your DNA as published by none other than Harvard University.

Yes, we will win this war. We have to. WE MUST, because the consequences of losing are too great. And I will die trying rather than be enslaved. I think that must be everyone's attitude. "Live Free or Die" as we see is the state motto of New Hampshire since 1945.

If you think my words will help convince some duped person to join the battle rather than puppet the slave master's slogans, please share it.

Above all, realize there is no going back once a person gets this poison gene therapy falsely called a "vaccine." And did you know that the reason they even call it a vaccine is that it provides complete liability protection (at least in the USA)? Gene therapies wouldn't give that liability protection and they would be sued into dust – their only just end.

When this war is over, countless enemies and collaborators will face a new series of Nuremberg style trials. Executions galore.

I won't do your own job by citing my sources for the above claims. Don't be so damn lazy and do your own research. In fact, you are unable to join this fight unless and until you actually wake up at least a little bit. Soon your research will lead you down a path of discovery that will blow your mind.

To help your research, I will name a few of the researchers and content creators I think you will appreciate, in no particular order:

  • Dr. Vernon Coleman;
  • David Icke;
  • An0maly;
  • The HighWire (a weekly report);
  • Dr. Shiva;
  • Professor Dolores Cahill;
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny;
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits

    There are so many more who use the above people as a reference and are good to watch their videos.

    While I reserve all copyrights for this post, feel free to quote all or part of it in any way you think may help us win this war. Contact me through MeWe (my new home after being thrown in jail for a month at a time from Facebook) where I am most active.


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