We made it. The flight was horrible. I think I slept about 30 seconds out of the 11 hour flight. It was not a full flight, and half the people around us were able to take up two or three seats, but we weren't quick enough. The other movie on the flight was Next with Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore. It's about a guy who can see two minutes into his own future. Not bad.

I never could find those power connections for the laptop that one of my travelling salesman co-workers mentioned being under the seat. He lied! Salesmen. 🙂

We might go to the McDonald's across the street for dinner, just because several of Tara's friends and family wanted to know what it was like. Our driver Vitaly, who has been to the U.S., said it's not much different, except maybe the bun/bread.

We fly down to Astrakhan tomorrow afternoon. The weather here is a “lovely” mixture of rain and snow. Outside our seventh floor window, it's snow, but by the time it lands it's rain. It's not too terribly cold, though. The room itself is actually too hot. I had to turn the thermostat on the radiator-style heater all the way down. We didn't go to McDonald's for dinner. Instead, we had a very expensive buffet dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was good, but not THAT good. Oh well, at least breakfast will be free.

Tara and I have been discussing what to say to the judge in Court on Thursday. We're told that the judge traditionally addresses the husband directly instead of the “lowly” woman. 🙂 Maybe not this time, though, since the judge is a woman. It'll probably be the same questions that the Minister of Education and her assistant asked us last time … twice. I'm trying to get it straight in my mind without sounding rehearsed when it's showtime. I'm not too worried, actually.

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